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Payoneer, Online Payment System that Affiliate Marketers Must Have

If you are an affiliate marketer, of course you are already familiar with the Payoneer online payment system. What is Payoneer? So, on this occasion we will review Payoneer.

Every affiliate marketer is required to have a Payoneer account. Primarily, if an affiliate marketer is an affiliate marketer who carries out international affiliate activities through overseas markets, then having a Payoneer account is a must.

With Payoneer, it’s like having a bank account but not only can you make domestic transactions, but can also be used to make international transactions either to receive or send funds to various countries. We will review more about Payoneer in this article.

Get to know what Payoneer is
In this review we will discuss what is Payoneer. Payoneer is a company headquartered in New York City and was founded in 2005. Payoneer has been registered as a Member Service Provider (MSP) from MasterCard world wide.

So it can be said that Payoneer is an official, trusted company that offers an online payment system that makes it easy for every user to carry out various kinds of transaction activities internationally.

In Payoneer, you will find as many as 2 options offered to you. The two options include:Payoneer MasterCard

  • Low annual admin fee and you can withdraw cash directly to a local or local bank account
  • Annual fee of $ 29.99 when you use Payoneer prepaid MasterCard.

Maybe some of you then think why there is a card because Payoneer is not a bank?

Yes, Payoneer is not banking. However, this one company is a company that issues MasterCard prepaid cards which have the function of withdrawing a certain amount of money from all ATMs with the MasterCard logo all over the world.

So it is natural that the fee for the second type is quite large. However, this sizeable fee is very appropriate with all the features provided by Payoneer, of course. If you want to use Payoneer for business purposes, then you can use the first option where transfers and withdrawals are made directly to a local bank.

However, if you wish to use it at the same time to withdraw money via an ATM quickly, you can use the second option. Of course all decisions are returned to you.

How to Register a Payoneer Account and its Activation
For those of you who want to create a Payoneer account, you can create a Payoneer account in a few very easy steps. The steps for registering a Payoneer account are as follows:

  • First of all you visit the Payoneer site via the following link:
  • You can register for a free Payoneer account via this link
  • After registering, you can start using Payoneer for global payments worldwide.
  • You must have an email account. If you don’t have one, create an email account first.
  • On the Payoneer site link that has been included above, you click register. If you want to register for a Payoneer account and get a bonus of $25 then you have to click on the link provided and otherwise you will not get the bonus.
  • Click on the button: sign up and earn $25
  • There are several steps you need to fill out the registration form where the first step is Getting Started. You need to fill in all the fields correctly and then click next.
  • Next, go to the “contact details” section. You select the country, the address as shown on the ID Card and the address of your office or residence. Also fill in your city name, zip code and telephone number.
  • In the security details section, fill in a strong password and make sure it is easy to remember. Make sure you choose a security question and remember what your answer is. Fill in the country and also type your identity number (ID Card or Passport or Driver Licensi)
  • Finally, in the “Almost Done” section. Make sure you select a personal account, bank of origin country and your bank account. Then also check the agreement agreement option and price and fees. If you have clicked the “submit” button.
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After going through the steps above, now the steps to fill out the form for Payoneer account registration have been completed. You just have to wait for approval from Payoneer because it takes approximately 1 to 2 days to get approval.

After getting approval, you can only order a physical Payoneer card to be sent to your address.

The trick is to click “Order a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard”. Then the mastercard order that you submit will be processed immediately. Just follow the instructions as written on the envelope of your Payoneer card.

It will take you approximately 20 to 40 days to receive your Payoneer mastercard. Just wait for it to arrive. When it arrives in your hand, activate your Payoneer account and card in accordance with the instructions written on your card envelope.

How to Top Up Payoneer Balance
In order for your Payoneer mastercard to be used, of course, the balance must be filled in your Payoneer mastercard. To top up the balance on your mastercard, there are several ways you can do, including:

Top up Payoneer balance by referring friends to create a Payoneer account

If your Payoneer account has been created and you have used it, you will immediately log in to your account. Then after you log in, you will find a reference link.

You can share these reference links with friends via your social media such as Facebook, blogs or others. Later every time you share or refer the link to a friend to register for a Payoneer account, you will get $25 from Payoneer.

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Even so, your friends who have registered for a Payoneer account will also get $25. So, when will the additional balance of $25 be given to you?

The balance of $25 will not be issued directly to you. Instead, it is given to you in the amount of $25 after your friend registers. However, there is one certain condition that must also be met, namely after the Payoneer account you refer has its first $100 balance.

Fill Payoneer balance with Credit Card
If you already have a credit card with the Visa logo or Mastercard logo, then you can immediately top up your Payoneer balance with a source of funds from your credit card.

Later, Payoneer will immediately determine whether the credit card you are using is feasible to top up your Payoneer balance or not. Make sure if the credit card you are using is a credit card that is still in active condition and can be used to make various kinds of transactions online.

Fill in Payoneer balance by doing online business activities
Through Payoneer, you can make money online and the results can later be received through Payoneer. There are many ways you can make money online.

You can sell various kinds of goods or products in various marketplaces, do freelance activities, participate in affiliate marketing programs and so on. Now, Payoneer has collaborated with various large companies where you can work there and earn income through Payoneer.

Payoneer has also collaborated with various big sites that attract various kinds of people to be a part of them such as,, 99Designs, Elance, oDesk and so on.

Fill in the Payoneer balance from the US Payment Service
What is the US Payment Service? US Payment Service is a service provided by Payoneer. Through the US Payment Service system, you can receive commission payments from companies located in the United State.

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US Payment ServiceTo receive payments from these US companies, you must have a US bank account. However, if you have Payoneer, you only need to use the US Payment Service that has been provided at Payoneer.

Later, you will automatically have a US bank account even though you are not a US citizen. All because of the systems associated with and tied to Payoneer management. Of course there are many interesting and profitable things that you can finally get when you have a Payoneer account.

If you are an affiliate marketer who doesn’t have Payoneer yet, immediately create a Payoneer account. Because of course the various conveniences of the features presented will make you feel perfect with Payoneer.

Payoneer’s advantages
Most of the affiliate marketers have Payoneer as their online payment system. Even though there are many other online payment system accounts, many people prefer to use Payoneer. Why?

There are several reasons why Payoneer is such a widely used account. The reason is because Payoneer is supported by various advantages. Payoneer’s own advantages include:

  • Payoneer account registration is very easy and Payoneer registration can be done without any fees or free
  • Payoneer account can be owned by anyone. This includes you non-Americans residing in any country in the world.
  • Payoneer can transfer balances between Payoneer accounts. Thus, the ease of balance transfer can be felt by every Payoneer user.
  • For Payoneer users, you will have a card called a Prepaid MasterCard card or debit card. Prepaid MasterCard or debit card is a card that can be used to carry out various kinds of shopping activities at all merchants or to make cash withdrawals at ATM machines bearing the MasterCard logo around the world.
  • Payoneer has the facility to receive commission payments (US Payment Service) from various kinds of affiliate marketing, including Amazon or various other affiliate marketing merchants. This feature is only owned by Payoneer and not owned by other online payment systems including PayPal.

With all these advantages, of course, any transaction activity with Payoneer is smooth and without obstacles. Because of these advantages, many people also prefer to use the Payoneer online payment system in the end compared to using other payment systems.

That is the Payoneer review that you must know and understand. Those of you who want to create a Payoneer account can follow the instructions we shared above. Good luck!