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PlugRush Native Ad Network, Adsense Alternative for Adult Sites

PlugRush is an ad network which purchases both mobile and desktop traffic from webmasters that wish to make money from the people that head to their sites. One of the biggest points about the service is the sheer range of ad options supported, with native banners, banners, popunders, mobile redirects and instant messenger functions all helping publishers direct their users to the best offers.

Payments are available on request, provided a minimum of $25 has been met, with these transacted through PayPal, Paxum, FirstChoicePay, Paysite Cash and bank transfer. There is also a referral program in place, offering 5% of a new publisher’s commission to the party that referred them.

Ad Types:
For Desktop

  • Banners
  • Popunders
  • Native banners
  • Instant messenger

For Mobile

  • Popunders
  • Mobile redirects
  • Native banners

Offer Types:

  • CPV (Cost per view)
  • CPC

Traffic Types
Desktop, mobile and tablets.

Payment Rules
Plugrush is easy enough to generate money from as the payout is only $25. This is available on request and sent out on the 5th and 20th of every month, as well as every Monday.

In terms of charges, Paxum is one of the cheapest options with its flat $1 fee for transactions. PayPal will request 4.50% of any money transacted from Plug rush to its system, while First Choice Pay commands between $2 – $5. With Paysite Cash, there is a flat fee of $0.35 plus 1.3% commission on the amount being withdrawn. For bank transfers, the publisher has to generate a minimum of $500 to request any earnings. For every site that transacts only the minimum amount, Plugrush promises to cover any fees they incur from this withdrawal. Those that go over the $1,000 mark can expect to pay around $30- $60 in fees. In any case, bank transfers take between 2-5 days to be processed.

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Customer support on PlugRush is easy enough to find thanks to a few options of communication. These include a ticket system, which allows publishers to send in specific questions that can take up to 48 hours to be answered. For something a bit quicker, they are advised to head to the platform’s very own live support function, or to chat with the group through Skype. Users are also urged to check through the guidelines and FAQ sections before going through the support team as there is a lot of information listed there.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:
The terms of service at PlugRush make it very clear about what is not allowed on the platform. This includes:

  • The use of tools which manipulate statistics (impressions, clicks).
  • Illegal content, or sites promoting illegal activities.
  • Sites that have elements which are under construction or domains which are generally lacking in content.
  • The ‘spamming’ of ad codes on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • ‘Excessive’ advertising on a single page.
  • Any user found to be violating these rules face their account being suspended and the loss of any money they are owed prior to the action being made.

Other important notes surround the use of ad zones. Direct URLs for popunders or mobile redirects can be duplicated and broadcast on different websites. The same does not apply to banners or native ads, though, as the code for these units will be unique.

Publishers should also note that Plugrush only accepts adult traffic, so anything from another source will not earn any money.

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Referral Program
Plugrush has an active referral program which allows publishers to top-up their earnings with commission from the activity of other users. This follows a very familiar system where 5% of a new publisher’s commission is given to the user that referred them to Plugrush. As this is in place for the publisher’s entire duration on the platform, there is no end to these earnings provided the publisher is still generating an income. Any money earned through the program will show up as separate on statements from Plugrush, making it easier for users to work out how much they’ve earned.


  • Various ad formats available
  • Minimum payout of $25 is made upon request
  • Referral program allows users to earn 5% of a publisher’s lifetime fee
  • Decent customer support via Skype and email


  • Support of adult traffic only

Publishers have plenty of networks to choose from when it comes to monetizing their adult traffic, but Plugrush should certainly be an option for them when they do.

The platform boasts a strong list of ad formats, including native and instant messenger options as well as the more familiar banners, popunders and mobile redirects. There is a referral program paying out 5% of a new user’s lifetime earnings to the person that linked them to the platform, with this helping to boost a publisher’s earnings for an indefinite period.

In terms of payment options, there is an impressive list of supported platforms (PayPal, Paxum, bank transfer, First Choice Pay and Paysite Cash), while users should be thankful of the minimum earning of $25 being available on request.

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