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Quality Content is Relevant and Contextual

Nowadays search engines like Google are getting smarter in determining relevant and contextual content. So don’t get your hopes up by piling up keywords and putting lots of backlinks, then you will definitely rank in the search results.

Maybe you are confused how Google feels if a website is relevant to what users are looking for, although there are still many other websites whose pages have higher keyword repetitions.

Quality ContentAll of that is because Google has been able to judge words that although they are not the keywords that are searched for, these words often appear on websites that win searches for those keywords. Google calls this the keyword that often appears for a search.

So now Google can judge that a website discusses topics that are searched by users based only on the words you use in the article. In short, Google has been able to understand the meaning of words and understand their relationship with other words. So now is no longer the era to accumulate keywords.

The best option is to make the article as natural and detailed as possible. If your content is indeed quality, then chances are that Google won’t miss it. Why did I say most likely? Because the algorithm is man-made and imperfect, so mistakes can occur.

But this is far better than most likely your website was caught trying to accumulate keywords. Because if the algorithm alone gives a less rating, then this can still be improved by adding backlinks. But if your content is caught doing keyword buildup, then your homework will be far more.

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