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Small Garden Design in a Minimalist Home

Seeing the high demand for landed houses, the demand for this type of residence is still a favorite for various reasons. In addition to many people who are comfortable with independent land and building investments, the dream of owning a house with a private yard or garden is still one reason. Amid the scarcity of land eroded by development, especially in cities, having a small garden in a minimalist house with minimal land is sometimes an obstacle but can still be tricked. Recently, the indoor garden in the house is also booming because it has various advantages. Need fresh ideas? Check out some of the inspiration for a small garden in the house below.

Small Garden Layout in the House in the Living Room or Corner
Small Garden Layout in the House in the Living Room or CornerThe first step to consider is laying the garden itself. You can determine the location of the green space in the house through the initial planning of a house plan or use the space that allows for a mini garden in the house. By presenting a small garden in the house that is the center surrounded by rooms, you can direct the space and furniture with a viewpoint towards the garden. It can also refresh the mind as if it were outside the room. Only contains a few ornamental plants in pots or even trees planted at the bottom of the ground, already creating the impression of an eco-friendly house. You can also use a little land in the kitchen or near the bathroom. In the kitchen, you can plant herbs and spices such as oregano, cayenne pepper, cherry tomatoes, and so on in pots or ornamental flowers or leaves if they are located near the bathroom.

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Indoor Mini Garden with Closed Roof
For a closed roof, you can use polycarbonate so that sunlight comes in and provide a little light. Also, provide a firing light in several corners that lead to your small garden so that it is not too dark at night while adding to its aesthetic value. Applying coarse cement or synthetic grass is suitable for a mini garden step in the house. The planting medium for indoor ornamental plants should be porous, that is, it can hold a little water. The right planting media include roasted husks, chopped ferns, cocopeat or a combination. Don’t forget to match the type of plant.

Small Garden In A House With Open Roof
Having an open garden can not only be realized in front or behind the house. You can also present a green impression in the middle or corner of the house. For an open roof, you can provide a partition consisting of glass which is also equipped with a sliding door. This was chosen so that the park can be closed at night to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

The incoming sunlight can reduce electricity usage so you can save energy. With an open roof, make sure the garden is lower than the floor of the house in anticipation of the rainy season. The advantages of an open roof include increasing rainwater absorption and maintaining good air circulation for you and your family. In fact, a study states that the air produced by a mature tree has a cooling effect equivalent to an air conditioner that runs for 20 hours. Can you imagine how much energy you can save each day?

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Choice of Garden Ornaments & Types of Plants
There are many reasons why someone prefers to put a garden in the room as well as bringing a beautiful atmosphere into the house to save space. An indoor garden with an open roof can use a wet soil planting medium decorated with grass or covered with gravel to make it look neater. Don’t forget to determine the type of plant with a concept such as a flower garden or filled with tropical plants. You can put some large stone ornaments that can be used as a place to sit while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. If your choice is a garden with a closed roof, try choosing a floor with natural ornaments that add a natural impression.

design an indoor gardenFor this type of plant, you can choose indoor ornamental plants that are easy to care for, such as sanseviera, dracaena, philodendron. You can also design an indoor garden for a space divider consisting of leafy plants such as ferns or palms. Choosing gravel that can be used as foot reflection, for example, or more practically by using synthetic grass. Rows of plants such as a reading room with chairs placed next to bookshelves and pots are also catchy.

Present a pond in a small indoor garden
Apart from presenting the greenness of the trees and practical pots, you can also add a fish pond. The natural appearance of the pond can use natural stones as an option. You can choose the type of fish according to your taste, such as koi fish or even fish that can be consumed, such as carp or catfish. In addition, you can also present the gurgling of water through a small waterfall above the pool. Still, according to research, seeing fish and the gurgling of water can make you relax. So not only adding to the aesthetics, having a pool can also eliminate fatigue.

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