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Ford, the Car Brand that Changed the Transportation Industry in America

Ford Motor Company brand

Ford Motor Company is an automotive factory from the United States founded by Henry Ford who came from Michigan. As he grew older he demonstrated extraordinary talent in engineering and the world’s first motor vehicle production organization, the Model T. The company that Ford founded became the largest family-controlled corporation in the world, mobilizing the … Read more

5 Cars Hold the Title of the Best-Selling Cars of All Time in the World

Best-Selling Cars of All Time in the World

Along with its development the car was designed in such a way that until now the existence of this car seemed to be a major necessity for most of the world’s people. Likewise, the world’s automotive manufacturers seem to be constantly creating their newest type of car products to the sophistication of the features it … Read more

Here Are 10 Most Popular Porsche Cars

Here Are 10 Most Popular Porsche Cars

The German automotive giant has a long journey in producing sports cars, from a small scale to becoming one of the sports car icons around the world. Porsche also has a great reputation in auto racing. Here are the 10 most popular Porsche cars: 1. Porsche 944 Turbo Of the many Porsches that were born … Read more