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Lamborghini: Insulted by competitors, Tractors turned into Luxury Cars


The beginning of the birth of the Lamborghini luxury car was founded by a founder of the tractor company, Ferruccio Lamborghini. The tractor with the Lamborghini Trattori brand was made from raw materials for military production after World War II which was abundant at that time. After World War II, Lamborghini, which had become known … Read more

The Most Sophisticated and Most Impressive Car in the World

Sophisticated Cars

Along with the development of the times, especially for the automotive sector, every automotive manufacturer is increasingly developing innovation in this one field. Where each of their cars is always equipped with specifications and the addition of a variety of features that rely on advanced technology which also of course increasingly provides comfort and appearance … Read more

Luxury Competition, 5 of the Best British Car Manufacturers in the World

Best British Car Manufacturers in the World

Talking about automotive especially cars is endless. There are many car manufacturers around the world. No exception to the country of 3 British lions. The early industrial age of the country was known as one of the producers of high-quality cars. British output / brand cars are known for their reliable engine performance and high … Read more