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Google Penguin: Poor Quality Backlink Hunter

Google Penguin

The search engine industry is a big industry in this century. With a variety of technologies that enable one to wander around cyberspace whenever and wherever, it encourages the search engine industry to always improve to be better. One of the improvements is about the Google Algorithm which is often called the Google Penguin. The … Read more

Understanding Google’s Algorithm Updates


With the growing flow of information circulating on the internet, the system is increasingly busy with filtering activities. Which content is eligible to appear and which inappropriate content appears or is deleted. This system tool is in the Google algorithm system. And in this article we will study and understand Google’s algorithm update. Google algorithm … Read more

SEO Ranking Factors to Increase Your Site Ranking

SEO Ranking Factors to Increase Your Site Ranking

Maybe you are one of the millions of people who are scratching their heads and feeling nervous when thinking about your site’s ranking. If that is your problem, you should read this article carefully, we have compiled a number of SEO tips that allow you to increase your site’s ranking on the first page of … Read more

9 Steps to Speed Up Loading of Your WordPress Site

Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Research shows that many people become impatient when dealing with websites. Approximately 25% of visitors leave the web page if the website is not uploaded in 4 seconds or less than 4 seconds. This has indeed become a consequence if the website does not load quickly. Fortunately, problems like this can be overcome; if you … Read more