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How to anticipate the AdSense Click Bomb on WordPress

AdSense Click Bomb on WordPress

Click Bomb is an action that aims to destroy and eliminate adsense ads by clicking on advertisements in a barrage or excessive amount of ads that appear only detected 1 IP Address. Frequent click bombs that there are dozens or even hundreds of clicks that only come from one user, causing adsense to be banned … Read more

How to Secure Your WordPress Website

How to Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) among other CMS. This is because WordPress has several advantages which are easy to use, easy to learn, many plugins available, SEO Friendly, and Open Source. People who are using WordPress for the first time will easily customize their appearance because of the many … Read more

9 Steps to Speed Up Loading of Your WordPress Site

Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Research shows that many people become impatient when dealing with websites. Approximately 25% of visitors leave the web page if the website is not uploaded in 4 seconds or less than 4 seconds. This has indeed become a consequence if the website does not load quickly. Fortunately, problems like this can be overcome; if you … Read more