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The 7 Best Adult Web Hosting Providers

Looking to start an adult website whether it may be hosting images or videos that includes nudity or planning to start your own cam website or your own adult production company that host adult videos? We have made a comprehensive list of web hosting companies that supports adult web hosting.

Why do you need an Adult Web Hosting ?
There are hundreds or probably thousands of web hosting providers on the Internet, there are major companies that provide web hosting for as low as 2$ – 3$/month, but most of the companies doesn’t let you host adult content or pornographic content on their servers. Either, their servers are in a country where hosting or distributing adult content is illegal or simply choose not to serve that area. There are some companies that let’s you host adult content as long as it is not hardcore porn and there are adult web hosting companies which are solely made for the purpose of hosting adult content.

Thousands of Adult Websites are created every month, most of them would like to host their own content like an adult production company, some major companies such as PornHub have their own private servers, If you are just starting out and not tech savvy to handle a server you can go and rent a space with these adult web hosting companies for as low as 15-20$ a month to 100$ a month.

Here are some of the best adult web hosting companies that you can safely host your adult content with, make sure that you don’t host illegal or underage content and read complete terms and conditions before purchasing the hosting for your adult websites so you don’t land in trouble anytime.

1. ViceTemple
ViceTemple is a hosting company that specializes in adult web hosting, ViceTemple is one of the only mainstream adult hosting service that let you host adult content exclusively on it’s servers. ViceTemple offers different kinds of services like domain name, Shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated hosting.

ViceTemple Features :
Hosting Types : Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers whether you are looking for start small or if you have large traffic coming to your existing site you can choose your plan on ViceTemple depending on your needs. Shared and VPS hosting starts from as low as 5$ – 15$ per month. In case you are experiencing high amount of traffic you can always upgrade in a single click.

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24/7 Live Chat Support : ViceTemple offer 24/7 support and is online all the time, If you have any queries whether it maybe regarding the server or billing ViceTemple great customer support will always come to your rescue.

Uptime : ViceTemple servers will give you 99% uptime

Money Back Guarantee : In case you are not satisfied with the service you can always opt for a refund in 45 days, they have a 45 day money back guarantee.

Tech Support : In case you need to setup something with your site, You can always contact them using Live chat and let them do all the work.

Control Panel : ViceTemple offers cPanel and different kinds of Control panel.

In Addition ViceTemple also offers clones of Pornhub and xVideos themes, xStreamer and xCams which would be beneficial if you are looking to start a Tube site or cam site exclusively.

2. AbeloHost
AbeloHost is yet another adult web hosting company situated in Netherlands and has Datacenters there, Netherlands is one of the country where making and distributing porn is legal so when you host with a company that’s situated in the Netherlands you don’t have to worry about any obstacles.

Abelohost provides all kinds of services such as VPS Hosting, Dedicated hosting and Domain name registrations services starts from 8$ for shared hosting and 12$ for VPS,

Abelohost Features :
Instant setup : As soon as you order, your server is ready and you can deploy your website within minutes.

Multiple OS : Select any operating system on the order page of your choice (i.e., Windows, Ubuntu, Linux)

Live Chat (24/7/365) : Abelohost provides 24/7 live chat feature in case you are experiencing problems with your server or website. Abelohost customer and tech support will solve your queries within minutes

Free Migration : If you are hosting with other provider and want to move to Abelohost, it’s support team will do it for you for free.

Anti-DDOS Protection : Hackers can steal your website data by DDOSing your website, Abelohost offers your site from any such attacks with their advance security.

30-Day Money Back : If you are not satisfied with their service, Abelohost offers 30-day Money back guarantee.

3. Linode
Linode is one of the widely used web hosting by web masters and trusted by millions of users in the world. Linode is used by major tech companies and startups in the silicon valley and the rest of the world. Linode entry level plans starts from as low as 5$/month and standard plans from 10$/month, Linode offers multipe operating systems and you can deploy a server in minutes and start your website and yes, Linode supports adult web hosting

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Linode Features :
Free cPanel : Linode provides you Free cPanel / WHMCS with any managed services

Free Backups : Linode provides your free backups for your servers for free.

Free Migration : If you are looking to transfer to Linode, The Linode team will do the migration for free

365/24/7 Live Support : Phone support is available 24/7

4. HostGator
HostGator is not a new name in the web hosting Industry, If you have run any websites in the past you must have came across HostGator numerous times. HostGator hosts millions of websites on their servers and is one of the top web hosting companies. It is one of the few mainstream web hosting companies that let’s you host adult content without any hassle.

Hostgator Features :
Hosting : Shared Hosting starts from as low as 2.75$ and VPS hosting from 29.95$

24/7 Live Support : Hostgator has a live chat support dedicated to help their customers 24/7 (Phone and chat support)

45 Day Money Back : Hostgator offers 45 day money back guarantee,

cPanel and WHMCS : Hostgator provides cPanel and WHMCS with every VPS, you can contact them regarding how to activate it.

Uptime : HostGator offers 99% Uptime

5. Contabo
Contabo is a german web hosting company that lets you host adult content as long as it is legal and not copyrighted content, the web design might look outdated but they provides excellent VPS Services. Contabo provides VPS services for as low as 5$/month with 2GB RAM which is lowest in the market. If you are going for the 5$ plan they will charge you additional 6$ for setup (Initial charge once) and 15$ for cPanel setup (if you want to opt for cPanel) one of the drawback of Contabo is that they only offer support 24/7 support through phone and not live chat.

Contabo Features:
Lowest price : Contabo offers VPS services and web hosting services for as low as 5$ a month

Free Domain : Contabo provides free domain with annual plans

24/7 Support : Contabo offers 24/7 phone support

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DDoS protection : Contabo will protect your website from DDoS attacks

6. FastComet
FastComet is another mainstream web hosting company that lets you host adult websites on it’s servers. Compared to other adult web hosting companies on the list above, FastComet is quite pricey the Cloud VPS price starts from 60$ a month and Shared hosting costs about 3$ a month. The cloud VPS 1 plan gives you 2TB of Bandwidth, 2GB of RAM and 50 GB SSD space and provides you free cPanel which costs about 15$ a month. If you want to go with an American company you can host with FastComet, they have datacenters in America, Europe and Asia and they are headquartered in California.

FastComet Features :
24/7 Live Support : FastComet offers 24.7 Live Chat support and Phone support 365 days a year

cPanel Hosting : Provides free WHMCS and cPanel with VPS and Shared Hosting

Free Site Setup : FastComet support team helps you setup your website in minutes, contact them for this feature.

Security : Fastcomet provides you great security tools helps your VPS to prevent attacks from hackers

7. HostWinds
HostWinds is yet another web hosting provider where you can host your adult website, Hostwinds have data centers in USA and the Netherlands making it safe for you to host your adult website on the Amsterdam server. Hostwinds offers various kinds of hosting such as Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller, Managed, Unmanaged. But if you are looking to host adult content it is advised you to go with the managed VPS with cPanel and WHMCS the reason being is cPanel is easy to navigate in case of any emergencies and you can debug the problems yourself without needing any Tech Support with hundreds of WordPress tutorials available on the Internet.

HostWinds Features :
Server Locations : USA and Netherlands (Ideal and legal for hosting adult content)

Live Chat : 365/24/7 Live chat to help you with your billing and server problems

Uptime : Hostwinds offer 99% uptime and is one of the fastest web hosting in the market

Lowest Pricing : Managed VPS starts from as low as 5$/month

Conclusion: All of the above mentioned supports adult hosting some are exclusively made for hosting adult content as long as it’s not copyrighted and illegal such as underage. We will expanding this list in case we find other good web hosts worth mentioning.