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These are 5 bad effects if you don’t drink enough water

Psychologists say that lack of water can increase stress. Water intake is certainly very useful for humans, especially in carrying out daily routines. Given all the activities will make the fluid in the body less and less.

If left unchecked and lazy to drink water, it can increase the risk of bad health. Not only dehydration and weakness, thirst can increase a person’s stress.

Drink Water
Drink Water

1. Affect emotional stability and trigger stress
Lack of water is not only bad for physical health, but can reduce mental health.

“Talking about mental health, we cannot separate it from physical health. You can imagine when a person lacks water, his mood will be messy. This will also trigger stress easily.”

Psychologists, explained that if stress is not managed properly, in addition to disturbing physical health, it will also affect emotional stability. Without realizing it, this will have a negative impact on parenting and daily interactions with children, thereby disrupting their growth and development.

Apart from trying to meet the needs of drinking enough water so that dehydration does not trigger stress symptoms, there are other ways you can do.

“We can prevent stress by maintaining a consistent daily routine, sharing tasks with husbands or other caregivers, setting healthy expectations in living everyday life, and doing self-care both physically and mentally.”

2. Not focus and concentration becomes decreased
It should be noted that when the brain works, the systems in the body are active. Therefore, the body will release a lot of fluids through sweat and breathing.

When daily activities are not balanced with drinking enough water, it can affect brain function and mood. Without realizing it, this can have a bad effect on brain development because it triggers less focus and decreased concentration.

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In several studies it has been proven that lack of fluids in the body can reduce stamina.

3. Trigger dry and dull skin problems
Dry and dull skin problems can occur due to lack of water intake. Even though this intake is very important for skin health, so that it is not dry, dull or wrinkled prematurely.

When you don’t get enough water, your skin will dehydrate from the inside more quickly and cause skin problems.

It is recommended to drink water in the morning to be able to avoid bad effects on skin problems.

4. Increase the risk of urinary tract infections
Lack of drinking water will automatically experience mild dehydration. Where the body lacks water intake, so that the body’s work becomes messy and less well controlled.

One of the effects that can be felt immediately when you don’t drink enough water is during the urination session. The moment became very painful.

If you don’t want to have a urinary tract infection, drink a lot of mineral water as much as possible to make your urine more diluted.

That way, at least it can avoid the risk of infection in the urinary tract.

5. Dehydration can adversely affect hair problems
Dehydration due to not drinking enough water can have an impact on hair growth.

Inadequate or insufficient nutrition can cause hair to become brittle, dull and thinning. This hair problem will make a person less confident.

In order to avoid hair problems, it is better if water is consumed consistently. Drinking water regularly can provide nutrients to the hair from the inside out, making hair growth better.

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Those are some information regarding the bad effects that can be felt when someone doesn’t drink enough water. Learning from the information above, hopefully the bad effects of lack of water intake can be avoided.