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This Is How Coffee Can Prevent Diabetes

It is common knowledge that coffee is included in the drinks most favored by many people. Not only tastes delicious, coffee is also high in nutrients that are good for health. In fact, regular consumption is said to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes significantly.

How Coffee Can Lower Diabetes Risk
A study conducted at Harvard University was conducted involving 100 thousand people for 20 years. This research is carried out in several stages, exactly four years. The result is, those who routinely drink more than one glass of coffee every day have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes 11 percent. Interestingly, those who drank coffee in smaller amounts, the risk of developing diabetes actually increased by 17 percent.

CoffeeMany people suspect that this effect is caused by the presence of caffeine in coffee, but researchers say caffeine can actually increase blood sugar and insulin levels in a short time. Even so, the researchers say the body seems to be able to adapt to the presence of caffeine and antioxidant content in coffee so that it can actually get the benefit of maintaining insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

The researchers also said not just any coffee can help us reduce the risk of diabetes. If we consume coffee with added sugar or sachetan coffee which is usually naturally given added sugar, it could actually make the risk of diabetes go up if consumed too often. We should consume black coffee which is much healthier without added sugar.

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People with diabetes are not advised to drink coffee
For healthy people, regular drinking a certain amount of coffee can indeed help reduce the risk of diabetes, but for people who already suffer from diabetes, coffee consumption should not be done. Health experts say this could endanger his condition.

Based on a study uploaded the results in the journal Diabetes Care in 2004, it was mentioned that if people with type 2 diabetes drink coffee before eating, it might make blood sugar levels and insulin resistance increase. If this happens often, it is feared that the risk of developing diabetes complications will increase.

Don’t Recklessly Choose Coffee
Although generally good for health, health experts call the culture of drinking coffee which tends to be increasingly popular, especially among young people, it can also provide its own disadvantages. This is caused by most people who are more fond of sachetan coffee or coffee from a cafe that is given additional toppings that are not necessarily good for health.

In cafes, we certainly can find coffee that is given extra cream or syrup that makes the coffee taste more delicious. Unfortunately, this topping makes it has a high calorie content. If you consume it too often, it is feared that it will make you gain weight. The risk of being exposed to various health problems such as diabetes is also feared to go up.

If we consume coffee with additional toppings we also eat unhealthy foods such as cakes or fried foods, the impact on the body will certainly be more unhealthy.

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Excessive consumption of coffee can also have adverse effects on the body. For example, this may cause headaches, restless body, so it is difficult to sleep at night if consumed at night. Seeing this fact, it’s good indeed we are more careful in drinking coffee in order to prevent side effects.