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Tips for Choosing the Right Cloud Hosting for Your Website

Digital transformation, increasing use of the internet and websites, require the support of a larger hosting capacity. Choosing a cloud hosting service can be a solution to support web operations and information technology (IT) systems in companies, organizations or institutions, so that they can continue to run optimally.

Almost all companies, organizations and institutions now use websites, the internet, to support their activities and operations, including supporting business, marketing and other purposes. As web access increases, hosting loads that can initially use shared hosting, usually get heavier, requiring more capacity.

In conditions like the above, the hosting provider will usually offer services to switch to a cloud-based Virtual Private Server or (VPS), namely Cloud hosting. What is Cloud hosting and how does it work and also how to choose it?

Cloud Hosting TechnologyCloud hosting is a technology that has services in the form of many connected servers and interacting with each other. Usually made with the aim of maintaining mutual performance. The superiority of the services offered by cloud hosting lies in the connected servers, which will ensure the security of the data. Even users don’t need to worry about unstable server performance or limited resources, such as in traditional hosting services, such as shared hosting or dedicated servers.

This cloud hosting technology allows users to have unlimited resources, aka unlimited bandwidth, so that the website also has high traffic and remains stable, even up by using these unlimited resources. So cloud hosting can be the best solution for those who want the convenience of shared hosting with dedicated resources, such as VPS. Cloud hosting can be an option because it provides many benefits to its users. Not only does it help reduce hardware usage costs, but it can also provide better processing speed and minimal downtime.

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This cluster technology allows the website to keep running, even if one of the servers has a problem. When one server has a problem, another server will back up it, keeping the website running optimally. This makes the uptime level tend to be high because the servers are backing up each other.

So this cloud hosting working system applies the principle of mutual cooperation between servers. The goal is to increase uptime and serve website requests faster. This type of hosting is perfect for websites that need high security, such as online stores, institutional and corporate websites.

Lately, there are a lot of VPS offered by cloud hosting providers. This can make you even more confused in making choices. To protect yourself from purchasing mistakes, don’t be provoked by cheap price offers, first check the specifications you will get. Do not get the wrong choice, so that the website cannot run optimally as expected.

Cloud Hosting ServiceTherefore, when choosing cloud hosting, there are several things that should be considered. Because lately there are also many services that promise the advantages and benefits of each. Here are some things that need to be considered before choosing cloud hosting, which we have summarized from various sources:

1. Pay attention to the reputation and services offered
Find complete information about the provider companies that offer this cloud hosting service and also its quality. Of course, anyone does not want to get minimal services, but must pay dearly. Therefore, look for a service provider that is reliable, has a reputation to be truly precise and capable of providing maximum service. Professional cloud hosting service providers, usually able to accommodate all customer needs, both technical and non-technical needs to support services.

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2. The technology used
Don’t be tempted by cheap prices, you need to check what technology is used. Starting from the software and hardware used. By using the latest technology, this will make it easier for you to manage your website and increase the speed of access to existing websites on hosting.

3. Pay attention to the load balance
A cloud hosting service has the most crucial aspect, especially if it’s not the load balance. Professional cloud hosting service providers are usually able to provide a backup server in case the main server has a problem. The load balancer used here helps direct the user to an active server. So choose a cloud hosting provider that not only has fast servers, but also doesn’t frequently down and is supported by good support.

4. Security System Guarantee
A good cloud hosting provider, of course, must have a reliable system and security guarantee. This is one of the important aspects that must be present in a cloud hosting. Because, no matter how good the cloud hosting service is, it will be useless if the security system is not good. Choose a cloud hosting service that has guaranteed security features so that all data is well protected.

5. Data Center Facilities
For those of you who plan to store data in a cloud data center, the storage aspect and storage location (data center) of this provider are very important. Is it at home or abroad. Make sure it is safe, has a reputation from the provider, the location chosen is a location that is safe from natural disasters and has a good data center backup, even mirrorless, so that data remains safe during downtime or disruption. Choosing a data center can also be adjusted to where website visitors come from, if visitors come from Indonesia, it is better to take a server that has a data center in Indonesia. The advantage of having a datacenter close to website visitors is faster website access.

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6. Downtime history
One thing that can reduce a website’s reputation is downtime. Therefore, before choosing Cloud Hosting, you must also pay attention to how often the provider you will choose experiences down in one year. It doesn’t hurt to look for information related to this, as well as the track record of the provider. So not only ask the provider, but also the source of information from other users or read reviews on the internet.

The point is choosing a good cloud hosting service must be done in order to find the best service, including maintaining the security of your data.