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Tips on Choosing a Cheap Hosting Package for Personal Blogs

Every person who wants to create a personal website or blog will definitely need two important components, hosting and domain. The two elements above are mandatory requirements that are interrelated with one another so it is difficult to separate.

The way to determine the right cheap hosting package itself is arguably quite tricky because it needs to know some technical things so as not to be consumed by the promotion strategy. In general, hosting services are purchased by renting monthly or annually as well as the domain. Even so, there are also some companies that offer hosting services or even free domains to consumers on terms and conditions according to company policy.

So, about how to choose a cheap hosting package that is suitable for personal blogs? So as not to be increasingly curious, let’s just look at the full review.

1. Know the Capacity and Resources Needed

Cheap Web Hosting
Cheap Web Hosting

The first tip in choosing a cheap hosting package for personal blogs is to learn the estimated resources that will be needed later. The level of resource requirements themselves can vary from person to person, because it depends on the designation and purpose of the website to be built.

For the size of a personal blog based on wordpress CMS usually a standard package alone is more than enough to accommodate the initial needs, where not many active visitors have come or commented. Conversely, if you already have a lot of content in the form of articles, images, videos, and documents you should start thinking about switching to a professional hosting package that has more resources so that it is not slow and often down when receiving many visits.

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2. Determine the Location of the Server According to the Target Reader
Just like an offline store address that has a strategic location and easy to reach. The server also consists of various locations throughout the world, some in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and even the United States.

By choosing a hosting service that offers the location of the closest server / data center, you will not only get faster speeding access, but also easy when you want to complain if at any time the website is interrupted.

3. Consider the Features Offered
The number of hosting providers that are growing at this time is automatically able to provide cheaper hosting package options that are more diverse to choose according to your interests and needs. The increasingly competitive web hosting business climate also gave birth to reliable feature innovations such as UltrafastSSD-based hosting, Litespeed API, Web builder, to free SSL certificates which later became an attractive bundling to attract potential buyers.

4. Choose a Provider that Provides Extra Services
Customer jargon is the king we should also apply when choosing a hosting package service, because usually providers not only sell products but also complete with a number of after sales services such as technical staff, customer support, to the money back guarantee.

5. Make Sure It Supports the Script that Your Website is Using
The next tip in choosing a cheap hosting package is to make sure that the hosting you buy is in accordance with the programming language or script that will be used to build the website. However, if you only need to build a personal blog based on CMS WordPress, it feels like almost all providers already support the script.

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6. Credibility of the Web Hosting Provider
Points related to the credibility of this web hosting provider can be seen from the popularity and also the length of time the company operates. Do not be tempted by cheap price offers from a fake provider that is not clearly known the ins and outs of the company. Because, you will be risking all website data into computing services that are prone to damage.

7. Adjust to your budget
From the previous points, in the end you have to adjust the cheap hosting package with a budget that fits your pocket so as not to burden the cost of making your website. Don’t forget to compare the prices of each existing Apple-to-Apple hosting package to make it easier to compare.

8. Ease of Payment
In some cases, when we have found the choice of a cheap web hosting provider that we want, we often have to bother with the limited choice of payment methods provided. Especially when the intended web hosting company comes from abroad.

Look for hosting that offers easy access to very flexible payments, ranging from bank transfers, cashless payments, using credit cards, paypal, to offline payment methods through favorite minimarkets. So, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a balance in your bank account.

Those are some tips on choosing a cheap hosting package for personal blogs. One thing that should be underlined in the process of selecting the best cheap hosting package is that cheap prices do not necessarily have cheap quality, nor does expensive prices necessarily provide optimal solutions.

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Hopefully the tips above can help you find a cheap hosting provider that suits your taste.