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The Lifestyle of Japanese Women and How They Take Care of Their Beauty

The Lifestyle of Japanese Women and How They Take Care of Their Beauty

Women in Japan are famous for their beauty and their unique lifestyle. Many are competing to find out how the life of Japanese women as a whole. Therefore, here will be summarized a little about how the life of women in Japan, what unique facts they have, and the lifestyle they live. Japanese Women’s Lifestyle … Read more

Benefits and Efficacy of Dates to Overcome Various Diseases

Benefits and Efficacy of Dates to Overcome Various Diseases

The benefits of dates include freedom from constipation, indigestion, heart problems, anemia, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, abdominal cancer, and other conditions. Dates are also very good for gaining weight. Dates are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. These delicious dates contain oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and magnesium which are beneficial for health. … Read more

These are 5 bad effects if you don’t drink enough water

drink water

Psychologists say that lack of water can increase stress. Water intake is certainly very useful for humans, especially in carrying out daily routines. Given all the activities will make the fluid in the body less and less. If left unchecked and lazy to drink water, it can increase the risk of bad health. Not only … Read more

The Best Motivation Words to Make Your Life More Enthusiastic

Make Your Life More Enthusiastic

As humans who live life, of course we are not free from various kinds of problems. Problems are unpredictable and sometimes come in various forms that always make our lives more difficult both physically and mentally. Sometimes we need life motivation words from the people closest to us to always make our lives more enthusiastic. … Read more

Study natural cures to cure Asthma

natural cures to cure asthma

Although asthma cannot be totally cured, appropriate management can control the disease and enable people to enjoy a good quality of life. Let us speak about herbs which show anti-asthmatic properties. Many Ayurvedic herbs are used as antiasthmatics, such as Adhatoda vasica, Inula racemosa, Ocimum sanctum, Solanum xanthocarpum etc. Acharya Charaka described ten important drugs … Read more

What is Asthma & how is Ayurveda helpful in treating?


Daruharidra (Berberis aristata/ Indian Barberry), when used in proper combination with other herbs, is able to support the immune system to regain balance. If, at the same time, you slowly improve digestion and gradually detoxify the blood and liver, the immune system will eventually return to a normal, relaxed state and the acquired intolerances will … Read more

Prevent and Overcome Sweet Food Addiction

Sugar craving

The desire to eat sweet, high-calorie foods has been programmed in our brains since birth. The desire to consume as many calories as possible is the human instinct to survive. But along with the changing times, sugar and high-calorie foods are more easily obtained. It also triggers a life change with high sugar consumption and … Read more