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Biography of Abon Tanoh Mirah, Aceh’s Great Ulama Expert in Ushul Fiqh

Abon Tanoh Mirah

Aceh’s great Ushul Fiqh Expert Tgk. H. Abdullah Hanafie or commonly called Abon Tanoh Mirah is a great Acehnese cleric. He is a student of Abuya Muda Waly who is an expert in the field of Ushul Fiqh. Every student educated by Abuya Muda Waly achieves blessings and success in all fields of Islamic science … Read more

The World’s First Weekly Newspaper, Published in England

The World's First Weekly Newspaper, Published in England

December 4 is a historic day in the world of journalism. How could I not, on this date in 1791, The Observer was published for the first time. The Observer is the world’s first weekly newspaper founded by WS Bourne. At the beginning of its appearance, The Observer was based on the principle that it … Read more

Ford, the Car Brand that Changed the Transportation Industry in America

Ford Motor Company brand

Ford Motor Company is an automotive factory from the United States founded by Henry Ford who came from Michigan. As he grew older he demonstrated extraordinary talent in engineering and the world’s first motor vehicle production organization, the Model T. The company that Ford founded became the largest family-controlled corporation in the world, mobilizing the … Read more

Henry Ford and the Birth of the First Car Production Industry

Henry Ford and the Birth of the First Car Production Industry

When Henry Ford was 13 years old, his father gave him a pocket watch. Instead of taking care of it, Ford took it apart, studied its mechanical performance, then replaced it without damage. Her friends and neighbors were impressed and asked her to fix their watches. Ford’s curiosity about how a machine works is what … Read more

Lamborghini: Insulted by competitors, Tractors turned into Luxury Cars


The beginning of the birth of the Lamborghini luxury car was founded by a founder of the tractor company, Ferruccio Lamborghini. The tractor with the Lamborghini Trattori brand was made from raw materials for military production after World War II which was abundant at that time. After World War II, Lamborghini, which had become known … Read more

Knowing the Christmas Tree as a typical Christmas decoration

Christmas tree

December is synonymous with Christian celebrations, Christmas Day. Christmas Day is celebrated with great fanfare. There are many special decorations for this holiday in almost all public places. One of the most distinctive decorations of the celebration of Christmas Day is the Christmas Tree. The presence of a Christmas tree seems to have never been … Read more