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Types and Benefits of Yoga for a Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga also makes one more respectful of relationships with other people, living things and the natural surroundings. Besides that someone who routinely practices yoga regularly every day will experience a process of self-transformation and feel the process of spiritual awakening, such as being selfless, unattached, happier, wiser in acting and not easy to judge someone, and certainly more tolerant towards other people.

Yoga FitnessBefore discussing the benefits of yoga more deeply, here is a brief explanation of some types of yoga that you need to know:

Types of Sports Yoga
1. Hatha Yoga
In western countries Hatha yoga is the most famous and popular branch of yoga because it places more emphasis on physical and spiritual enhancement by practicing a combination of asanas, pranayama, and meditation.

2. Bhakti Yoga
This type of yoga is in great demand in India. Bhakti yoga teaches one to serve sincerely and selflessly to God and others by developing love and accepting what happens.

3. Karma Yoga
Yoga karma emphasizes social service to others. His philosophy of what is experienced now is the result of past actions. That way someone who practices karma yoga will always do good and serve others, not selfish to avoid the bad things that can happen in the future due to past mistakes.

4. Raja Yoga
Raja yoga places a lot of emphasis on the practice of meditation. So that those who practice Raja Yoga will greatly appreciate and respect their bodies, to explore their own potential so that they can better master themselves before they act, or step into an action, or a higher level.

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5. Jnana Yoga
Jnana yoga places a lot of emphasis on science and intelligence or intelligence, with the hope of uniting wisdom and intelligence to transcend existing limitations.

6. Tantra Yoga
Tantra yoga is a branch of yoga that is in great demand by people who like ceremonies or rituals that emphasize self purity, simplicity, obedience, dedication to teachers, cosmic love and honesty for anyone.

Benefits of Yoga Sports
Each type and movement of yoga has its own benefits. But in general yoga that is done in everyday life can provide the following benefits:

1. Yoga Can Calms the Body and Mind
Even though you are in a very depressed condition. a yoga practitioner is accustomed to practicing controlling breathing and clearing the mind of the tangle that surrounds life.

2. Gives ideal body weight
Yoga can balance weight, both for those who are overweight or underweight. The point is balance, so that yoga can control body weight in ideal conditions with regular exercise.

3. Increase Immune
Yoga can increase the body’s immune power or immunity to disease. The movements of the body and yoga positions will massage and improve the function of internal organs, blood circulation, so that it can increase endurance in order to reduce the risk of disease.

4. Increase Energy
Yoga can increase productivity because it can increase energy. Even if you only exercise for 20 minutes, the energy that has been lost because it is used to think or carry out daily activities can return to normal easily by doing regular yoga movements every day.

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5. Giving Happiness
Yoga can create inner happiness so that it can actualize itself. Because yoga can help to focus the mind more in order to eliminate stress, distraction and fatigue of the world, especially in matters relating to the material. That way yoga can guide a happy life in a truer context.