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Understanding Google’s Algorithm Updates

With the growing flow of information circulating on the internet, the system is increasingly busy with filtering activities. Which content is eligible to appear and which inappropriate content appears or is deleted. This system tool is in the Google algorithm system. And in this article we will study and understand Google’s algorithm update.

Google algorithm update is very important for anyone who plays a role in the flow of information. Whether it’s as an information-seeker user who wants information that is really relevant. Or as a provider of information that will be ‘guided’ to create information content that is appropriate for consumption by the public.

Google algorithm
Google’s algorithm is arguably an automatic mechanism that includes mathematical calculations, data processing and reasoning processes. Thus, if there is data that does not meet the requirements will be detected. When there is incoming data that does not meet the algorithm standard, the consequences will be in the form of lower order placement.

That’s why a webmster or SEO expert is required to be able to understand Google’s algorithm update. Google’s own algorithm there are various types based on the indicators that are checked. Some check the accuracy of keywords, check the use of backlinks and so on.

Google’s Current Algorithm
More and more content, as well as off-page and on-page optimization procedures, are increasingly diverse, forcing Google to always update its algorithm. As antivirus on a computer that handles a growing number of virus variants, the antivirus also must do an update.

A few years ago the algorithm update was done periodically and even today this update is still being done. What is different is that if in the past Google would notify the public when updating its algorithm, then today Google made updates in real time and without notice.

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Popular Google Algorithm Update
Although algorithmic updates are done quietly and without notice, experts have done research and created special tools that are able to detect algorithm updates on search engines by looking at search engine behavior over time.

When Google changes or updates its algorithm thousands of times a year, not all of these changes will have a large impact on search engine behavior, meaning that the SERP position has no significant change. However, from search engine behavior that is always observed, there are several algorithm updates that make major changes to the SERP ranking.

On November 16, 2003, an update to Google’s algorithm known as Florida was able to cause a big storm in the SEO world. As a hurricane is common in the state of Florida, the results turn into a vortex. When the algorithm update process is complete, SERP looks almost not the same as the previous display.

This change is even mentioned changing SEO techniques forever. The use of spam, keyword stuffing and similar techniques will be wiped out and display newer and fresh SERP results. These big changes to the SERP had a huge impact on the internet. In fact it is said that there are several parties who sue Google.

Another popular update is the Panda update. At that time around 2010 many SEO activists who did the trick of raising content in winning rankings in the SERP. This is where a flood of low-quality but high-volume content emerged. To handle this, Google launched a panda that wiped out websites that had low quality content. This triggers a variety of complaints. And those who survive are those who change their content with higher quality content.

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The Importance of Understanding Google’s Algorithm Update
SEO experts who work to improve web rankings and content for search engines are required to be good at analyzing, understanding and tracking major and important changes to search engines. This is because this activity will affect SEO strategies and tactics that will be carried out in the future.

An algorithm update can affect you in the following ways:

1. Search ranking and visibility
The main thing that will change is the ranking. The higher the ranking, the higher the potential for website traffic. So SEO business people try their best to overcome it when the SERP website ranking goes down. The thing to do is always be aware of changes that occur in Google’s algorithm.

2. Organic search traffic
Organic search is a search engine that relies on relevant content. Although in the initial position of the SERP there are many paid search results or advertisements, but with organic search results make the user will get relevant information. This means that you must pay attention to changes in the algorithm to remain in the SERP list of the top organic search results.

Although most people tend to think of algorithms as Google’s way of punishing websites. But actually algorithms are a way to value a website because it provides a good user experience and relevant content.

The thing to remember is that at this moment it is possible to have an algorithm update every day. Because Google has promised algorithm updates in real time. So how do you track, understand and analyze algorithm updates?

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Dig Google’s Algorithm Update Information
With Google’s algorithm changes made in real time, it will be difficult to detect parameter updates made by Google. Moreover, this is done by amateur SEO activists. But the note is that this does not mean impossible. There is still a gap of information that you can dig in cyberspace.

There are scattered blogs, or forums that contain professional people in the SEO field. Usually they will launch a variety of weighty writings that sometimes discuss changes in search engine behavior or SERP, discuss algorithm updates and so on.

1. Google Webmaster Central Blog
The Google Webmaster Central Blog used to be a place to find out about major algorithm changes, whether it’s the launch of Panda, Penguin, or other algorithms. However, at this time Google is still using this blog to announce major changes, such as changes to mobile friendly.

2. Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Journal has existed from 2003 to today. This journal provides updates on Google’s algorithm which includes information on:

The name of the algorithm, the launch date, a brief description of its impact, and other information about the algorithm update. In addition you will get information from links to official announcements, as well as news and news analysis from other credible external sources.

3. Following the Experts’ Accounts
There are some experts you need to know the information that is released. Usually through a Twitter account. Like Matt Cuts, Glen Gabes, Marie Haynes and so on.

That’s a review of understanding the Google algorithm update that we can write about. SEO problem is a complicated problem, so to know and learn it must be patient and painstaking. thanks.