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Unique Cities in the World with Interesting History that Really Exist

Unique cities in this world, really exist and will always be an interesting discussion. Make no mistake, the city also stands with each other’s long history. Maybe a lot of things in the universe we don’t know very well about. There are still many mysteries and things beyond reason that actually exist, but are out of sight.

When you understand one aspect specifically, it is not certain that others feel the same way. One of them is when understanding the unique cities in the world that we have never known before.

The earth stretches so wide, it is unfortunate if we do not maximize knowledge by understanding the various kinds of uniqueness and facts. Intrigued by the unique city in the world? To be clearer, let’s recognize and understand the history below!

1. Slab City, a City that is Free and Without Rules
Regulations and a number of rules applied by certain areas so that residents can be obedient and orderly. People who live in the Slab City Sonora Desert region, California, United States, believe that binding things like that are not important.

Slab CitySlab City is one of the unique cities in the world where the majority of the population is dominated by the elderly, especially retirees. Besides parents, Slab City is also occupied by other layers of American society such as artists to beggars.

That said, they just want to spend time in a free, quiet place, without all the binding rules, and are reluctant to do meaningful activities. Obviously, this city does not have electricity, piped water, and other supporting infrastructure facilities.

In short, Slab City was originally a training ground for US Marines in 1942 in preparation for World War II. In 1956, all buildings were demolished but the area was still opened.

Entering the decade of the ’60s, the Department of Defense released the area free of charge to California because it was no longer needed.

Over time, a chemical company in Oakland employed 20 people to harvest creosot leaves there. These workers became the forerunners of Slab City. Given the lack of electricity facilities, many residents use generators or solar panels to produce electricity daily.

The closest activity center is about four miles southwest of Slab City, where residents often go to do basic shopping. Inevitably, Slab City is described by its inhabitants as a miniature city of anarchy which has been de facto recognized.

Interested in coming to one of the most unique and free cities in the world? And, when labeled a city free and without rules, it means that all kinds of actions can be done here.

2. Miyake-jima, City Under Active Mountain
Miyake-jima is a volcanic island inhabited in the Izu Islands, Philippine Sea, about 180 kilometers southeast of Honshu, Japan.

Like other Izu Islands groups, Miyake-jima is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. The city under an active mountain does sound standard and not special, but … what if the mountain spews volcanic ash and sulfur-containing gas every day?

MiyakejimaThe distance of the local town is just below Mt. Miyake Jima. Not just any inhabited, but the main requirement for residents to stay alive there is always ready protective masks. Toxic gas is very dangerous and can be deadly if inhaled. But for one reason, the surrounding community still lives there. What is the reason? Yes, none other than the sake of money.

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Reportedly, the Japanese government gave an annual salary to someone in order to be able to live in Miyake-Jima. Until now, the Japanese government has often conducted research to examine the effects of constant sulfate gas exposure on stable populations. That’s why until now, Miyake-jima residents have remained there.

Even so you must not underestimate the natural conditions around this island. Miyake-jima is home to extraordinary flora and fauna rich in several rare species of birds and animals, although their natural habitat is always threatened by human activities and volcanoes.

In fact, some diving activists in the world admit that the condition of the coast and the sea around Miyake-jima Island is one of the most beautiful. Many coral reefs and marine fauna, including populations of dolphins and turtles.

Want to travel to one of the unique cities in the world? Remember, don’t forget to bring a mask!

3. Setenil de las Bodegas, City Under the Rock
After discussing the two cities above, now we meet with other interesting places in the European Continent. Yes, none other than a city called Setenil de las Bodegas which is located in Cadiz Province, Spain.

The uniqueness of Setenil de las Bodegas is a large basalt stone that is just above the house of every citizen. The stone is like a protector that shades almost all the local residents’ homes.

Setenil de las BodegasNot surprisingly, this city has become a favorite tourist destination for tourists from all over the world and even Spain itself. This small town is located 157 kilometers (98 miles) northeast of Cádiz with a typical arrangement along a narrow canyon. Setenil has a form that extends following the Rio Trejo road with several houses built into the stone walls of the canyon itself.

In order to maintain the aesthetics of the basalt stone, urban planning is made by enlarging natural caves or overhangs and adding external walls. Not just stones, this unique city in the world has a reputation for processed meat products originating from local farm animals. Pastels and various other types of pastries are also one of the mainstays of Spain.

In addition to seeing interesting stone sites, visitors will also be presented with bars and restaurants with the best and interesting offerings. The agricultural prospect of Setenil de las Bodegas must not be underestimated. Because the city also supplies fruits and vegetables to various other regions in Spain.

4. Neft Daslari, City in the Middle of the Sea
Although not exactly a residential area, Neft Daslari deserves to be on the list of unique cities in the world. Neft Daslari is a city of about 300 km in Azerbaijan, exactly 100 km from the capital city of Baku and 55 km from the nearest coast of the Caspian Sea.

Neft DaslariThe main uniqueness of Neft Daslari is that it was built in the middle of the sea. And it’s really in the middle of the sea! Neft Daslari’s position is right above the oil field, so the function of this place is the office of the miners.

Neft Daslari is also known by the name of Oil Rocks because of its characteristics. Supporting under the surface of Neft Daslari is a metal plate covered with earth. The plates must have been built in such a way as to be strong enough to accommodate the entire city and the workers who came. Every day, as many as 2,000 oil mine employees come to Neft Daslari to complete work. The arrival of the employees took place in turns not alias simultaneously in a span of several months.

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Neft Daslari becomes the first oil platform in the world that combines various drilling features. This unique city in the world is also included in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s first offshore oil platform.

Another uniqueness, namely the path from the land to Deft Naslari is built behind sinking ships. Access to Naslari Deft is indeed not as easy as one might imagine, given the city is actually an office for oil mining workers.

5. Roswell and Mysteries about Aliens
Ever heard of Roswell, one of the cities in New Mexico, United States? Maybe the name is normal, if you don’t add the “Alien City” appendage.

Yes, Roswell is a unique city in the next world that has no significant difference. However, the one that made him famous was the legendary UFO containing aliens who had landed there.

RoswellIt is said that around June or July 1947, there were reports that reported that there was a spaceship alias UFO that crashed around Roswell. Since then, the incident of the UFO fall has been a matter of controversy and is associated with a number of conspiracy theories.

Reportedly, there is a secret program called “Mogul” that examines the truth behind the fall of the UFO. Many believe that at the time of the tragedy, secret forces from the United States government immediately brought the driver to be interrogated. As we know, these riders are aliens.

Until now, those who believe in alien conspiracy theories believe that UFOs and aliens are in a secret zone of state military surveillance.

No one has been able to confirm this truth, but the fact is … The issue of UFOs and aliens was used by local residents to attract attention.

They marked the site of the fall of UFOs around Roswell, and arranged the city with lots of alien-style ornaments and decorations. Inevitably, such activities related to conferences and festivals around science fiction were also held at Roswell.

6. Together with the Garbage Mound in Manshiyat Naser
Unique cities in the world that have been discussed before, may seem safe and not sound annoying. Unlike the case with this one.

Manshiyat NaserIt’s nothing, but a city called Manshiyat Masir has become a ‘trash bin’ for Cairo, Egypt. And this is really rubbish, where waste material from the big city of Cairo is transferred to Manshiyat Naser.

But don’t feel disgusted first because basically, rubbish here isn’t always used as food or other things that are wet.

Not a bit of garbage such as electronic devices and other things that can still be recycled and utilized as desired. In fact, you also have to know that Manshiyat Naser is a city with zero unemployment.

All residents in this city have jobs, especially as waste processing. First, one can work by collecting waste that can be processed like iron and various electronic devices. After being sorted, the waste is then processed and sold. Purpose of refined garbage is not only sold, it can also be used for personal needs depending on personal needs.

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The scheme is like this:
One family specializes in certain types of waste that they sort and sell. Anything that can be reused or recycled will be saved by one of the many families in Manshiyat Naser.

Various recycled paper and glass products are made and sold from this city, while metals are sold in kilos to be melted and reused.

The price of a house in Manshiyat Naser is cheap, affordable, but still livable. In fact, the things above can create a prosperous life and many residents of Manshiyat Naser openly claim to be satisfied.

Apparently, happiness does not only come from the luxurious and elegant. In fact, he can also be present from a garbage city like this Manshiyat Naser.

7. City of Matmata Cave, Star Wars Fans Definitely Know!
Want to feel the atmosphere like ancient times like long ago? Let’s visit Matmata, a city in Tunisia.

Matmata is a small Berber-speaking city in southern Tunisia. Some local residents live in traditional troglodyte-style structures, aka underground living in caves. In 2004, Matmata had a population of 2,116 people.

City of Matmata CaveFor Star Wars fans, of course you will be familiar with this unique city in the world. Yes, Matmata is the setting for Tatooine, the home planet of the jedi knight Luke Skywalker.

Almost all residents of Matmata live in houses in caves. In fact, the local government has built houses on the surface of the surrounding area.

Typical structures for villages are made by digging large holes in the ground. Around this artificial cave hole, then dug up to be used as a room. With a number of houses consisting of several holes.

One by one the area, connected by tunnels that resemble trenches. Until now, Matmata has become a unique city in the world with a million charms that attract the attention of many people.

Other Unique Cities in the World
There are many other unique cities in the world that you should know about. There is Colma, a city in the California region, United States which is dominated by funerals rather than homes.

The local government deliberately made the Colma area a burial area. So, the view of the tomb more than the house is normal.

Then there is the city called Hell in Michigan, United States. Just hearing the name is shocked, right? Just entering this city, you will be greeted with the words “Welcome to Hell”. Not to mention other areas that use shades of hell and hell alias.

Then, there is a city called Busingen am Hochrhein which is confusing. Because the city is divided into two between Switzerland and Germany. Economically, this city is part of Switzerland. While administratively, Germany is a responsible country. Even so, the two countries did not fight over and both acknowledged. In fact, the telephone network alone is provided based on two different countries.

Then Rennes-le-Chateau, a city in France that holds many mysteries ranging from religious rituals and unsolved murders to hidden treasures. Have you ever read the Da Vinci Code novel by Dan Brown? Yes, Rennes-le-Chateau was discussed in the book.