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What are the pros and cons of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website. The trick is to increase rankings in search engine results. In implementing this strategy, there are advantages and disadvantages to SEO that we need to know. Because when we choose this strategy, it must always be prepared with risks in addition to the various benefits offered.

Advantages of SEO
Almost everyone in the world likes online activities, especially to search for specific topics, news and content. The search engine in this case is very important because most of the surfers in cyberspace will access it to find what they have both products and information.

Strategies that involve SEO will have various advantages, such as:
SEO is an organic promotion tool
This means that website visitors are people who really need the products or information that we present on the website. They did not come because they were lost because of advertising alone. For visitors, our website is the answer to their problems.

Because of this, good, quality and long content determines SEO success. If you are able to understand customer needs, you will get more success with SEO strategies.

Increase referrals to websites
If you have a strong SEO presence or visibility then you will get more search referrals from search engines. SEO can improve website referrals. This can be seen from targeted keywords, quality content to length of content that is useful for visitors.

SEO is free
This is one of the advantages of SEO. Using SEO strategies do not need to pay as much as Google ads or ads on social media. However, the results of this strategy are not instant. It takes time and patience. Moreover, this method is an organic method that tries to attract more visitors with the power of SEO and content.

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Can get targeted visitors
With the help of keywords or keywords in creating content for SEO friendly, then the visitors who come are targeted. And most likely these visitors can be converted into customers or prospective clients.

Increase web visibility
In an easy and free way, a website can have a higher vibiity. For this reason, this strategy is suitable for websites intended for business. So, website owners can get greater profits by the increasingly crowded website visitors.

Lack of SEO Strategies
As mentioned above that there are advantages and disadvantages to SEO that we encounter. SEO presents a lot of advantages, especially for commercial or business. However, SEO itself also has shortcomings, such as:

It can’t be instant
To get results in the form of websites that are well indexed by Google, it takes time. It could be several days to several weeks to see the results.

It takes investment of time and energy
There are many steps and stages to present good and strong SEO. Therefore, many business owners use SEO services to make their websites indexed well by search engines.

Very competitive
Competition in the SEO world is very high. Many websites that both want to get a good order from search engines. There are SEOs that target local, national and even international. The higher the competition for certain keywords, the more difficult it will be indexed by search engines

From the advantages and disadvantages of SEO above, it can be a material consideration for anyone who wants to use this strategy. Primarily for the development of business marketing owned, SEO can help to become better.

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