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What is Quality Content?

Quality content is content that is original and is indeed created with the aim of meeting the satisfaction of information seekers. This is the type of content that encourages visitors and search engines to read and share it with many people.

If the search engine has decided to share your content with many people, then that means your website will be very crowded.

These things make a website tend to be liked by search engines. Of course if you really want to create a quality website that gets a lot of visitors from search engines.

Quality Content That Is Generally Longer Than 900 Words
Indeed this is not an absolute rule for a content that wins rank 1. If your competitors also have short content, then it will not be too much trouble if your content is also short. But if you are able to create detailed content, and provide a complete understanding, then it is highly recommended that you make it.

Many SEO researchers reveal that the content that is ranked top on Google in general has content that is longer than 900 words. Of course this is not easy to make, but this has often proven to be far more productive and certainly more durable in competition.

Of course, many feel lazy to make a long and unique article like this. Beginners often spend time creating short articles that ultimately do not get anything, or steal other people’s content and finally give up after 6 months to a year does not produce anything.

But blogging is like that. This is not an overnight job two nights. You have to commit from the beginning to do it right if you want to create a website that can really produce in a long time. The first step is to train yourself to create quality, relevant, and contextual content that is around 900 words long.

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Wikipedia is a very good example of this, but you don’t need to be that long if the topic you are discussing is not possible. Quite a lot of wikipedia pages that the discussion is no more than 500 words because the discussion does not need to be convoluted.

You don’t need to be too grandiose to target a website like wikipedia. Simply mastering 5-10 short keywords with high searches will make your website busy every day.