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WordPress Down? This is what you have to do

For you WordPress users and find that WordPress down to log in would be an annoying thing. Events like this are referred to as WordPress down or inaccessible. If you are a writer, not being able to enter your blog page is certainly very annoying.

Causes of WordPress Down
No doubt also for you e-commerce actors who use WordPress, you will find risks associated with losing financial transactions with this WordPress down case. If you still find an unresponsive web like this there are several ways you can do to get back to normal.

WordPress down problems or errors can occur due to several things. For that you need to know what obstacles are causing WordPress down. Notice, did you just enter the code? Or do you add code or scripts that have certain functions when changing backgrounds or making other settings on your web pages? Or is there an error when installing the plugin?

Try Checking Some Things
No need to worry, there are many ways to restore your WordPress to be used again. Here are some steps you can take to fix WordPress down:

1. Make Sure It’s Really Down
It feels strange, but who knows, checking needs to be done to know whether the website is really down or not. It could be, WordPress you down while other people can. Check your browser whether it’s really problematic or not.

2. Hosting Is Being Repaired
The simple reason why a website cannot be accessed is because hosting is under repair. Some reasons why websites cannot be accessed related to hosting are because of the following:

  • Maintenance
    Hosting service providers may be updating software and other settings. Users usually get information related to this but some cannot access it within a certain time frame.
  • Repair
    The server has hardware which conditions are quite complicated and the situation may need to be repaired to require a new replacement. If the hosting service provider does that, then the reason you cannot access your website is due to a blackout related to the replacement of new tools.
  • Security Risk
    Another possibility that arises is that the hosting service provider is detecting a cyber attack so they decide to shut down the system or server to be offline to be more secure.
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3. Perform Verification
If the problem isn’t a fix, it’s likely that your domain is being hacked. Domain hijacking is an illegal act committed by someone to attempt to take over your site and redirect to another site.

So do verification to ensure that this does not happen. Here are some ways to find out if your domain has been hacked or not:

  • Someone gets access to your domain because there are no data security measures such as passwords (passwords and usernames).
  • The domain service provider that you are using becomes a victim of security breaches so that the perpetrators can obtain your domain data information.
  • The domain you are using has expired so that it is used and taken over by other users.

Make contact and check on the domain you have related to domain registration at the domain service provider company that you subscribe to by contacting customer service.

4. Check the Hosting Service Limit
A common reason that often happens why your website is down is because you have reached the hosting usage limit (limit package). The company has a service package offering hosting usage to its customers. Make sure you check the remaining usage capacity according to the package you chose. Check hosting bandwidth owned by your website.

Hosting bandwidth is the volume of data that can be transferred every unit of time by the website. Then, check the disk capacity of the hosting package that you are using. If you have run out of disk space, the hosting service company will deactivate some of the services you choose.

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5. Themes and Plugins
The important parts that enter on your website are the display themes you use and the plugins you use. Display themes have an effect in terms of supporting the display of your website pages as well as some of the service features available.

Plugins affect the functionality and management of your website. This is important for you to check, because if not, it can eliminate the ability or performance of your website. Some reasons why your website loses performance are because:

  • Themes and plugins that you use are missing support or are not running. Now, in order for your WordPress website to continue running, service providers must regularly update, especially in terms of improving security services.
  • Themes and Plugins aren’t trusted. You bought themes and plugins to use on your WordPress from an untrusted party. You install it for your WordPress, which is likely to make your website vulnerable to illegal attacks.
  • Themes and Plugins are not updated. You didn’t update your WordPress. This causes the website may have a system that is no longer compatible with the existing situation. You can check by going to the WordPress dashboard and looking at the list of plugins that are already installed.

6. Perform a Security Check
Another possibility that makes WordPress down is because you are not equipped with sufficient security. There are several steps you can take to anticipate, such as:

  • You have not installed the security plugin
    WordPress is down because you have not installed a security plugin to prevent cyber attacks and other related matters that stop hackers from accessing your website.
  • An easily accessible dashboard
    Your WordPress becomes vulnerable when passwords and usernames are easy to find or even access, especially if you don’t use two-factor authentication.
  • Access to many people
    Hackers have more opportunities when you allow more people to be able to access your WordPress account. The more people can log in and use your WordPress, the more vulnerable your account is to be intruded by irresponsible elements.
    Be sure to always be careful when accessing public wifi, because we leave our login and database details in the history that can be accessed by unscrupulous hackers.
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Better to Prevent than to Fix
Those are some things you can do when you find that your WordPress is not accessible. Remember, prevention is better because there is a lot of data and information that you can save. May be useful!